The Knockers

The English theatre group The Knockers from “Petru Rares” National College Suceava was founded in 2001, when they first participated in a national theatre festival in English under this name.

It is to be mentioned that every year, edition after edition, they took part in TeenPlay Arad, T4T Timisoara and IDFest Bacau, as well as in Catharsis Festival Bucuresti and Mundi Ludens Festival Turda last year. From each of these festivals they returned with numerous prizes and nominalizations, and their success encouraged them to create their own national festival, MagicFest. In most of these festivals, the plays they performed  were written and directed by members of the group, in cooperation with their coordinative teacher, Camelia Butnaru.

Another outstanding accomplishment of The Knockers is the fact that five of the former members: Madalina Anea, Raluca Sanziana Ghervan and Vasile Flutur (2006), Andrei Merchea (2007) and Horia Andrei Butnaru (2008) passed the entrance examinations to UNATC “Ion Luca Caragiale” Bucuresti and are now students at the Performing Arts Faculty. Also in 2008 another former member, Iorestina Florea, was admitted to the “George Enescu” Arts University in Iasi, also specializing in Performing Arts; she is one of the first members of The Knockers, whose plays they performed in many festivals.

Also to be mentioned is the fact that The Knockers organizes and performs in small-size shows on the occasion of St Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and perhaps their most important achievement locally is the organization of Drama Day, a theatre mini-festival on a county level, with five consecutive editions held every May. This also offered them numerous prizes and nominalizations, but added the satisfaction of them offering prizes to the best of the bunch.

MagicFest - 2nd edition - 05.04- 10.04.2010

Inaugurated at the beginning of February 2009, during the inter-semestrial holiday,  the National Theatre Festival in English MagicFest is aimed at discovering and promoting artistic talent, as well as at increasing the interest of the young generation in theatre, literature and art. The festival had its first edition last year, being organized by the English theatre group at “Petru Rares” National College Suceava, The Knockers, who previously had organized 5 consecutive editions of Drama Day on a county level and has acquired 8-year experience in theatre by their annual participation in similar festivals.

The festival lasted for 5 days and gathered groups from Suceava, Botosani, Bacau and Bucarest. The jury consisted of actors and directors from the Municipal Theatre in Turda, students of the Performing Arts Faculty in Iasi and representatives of the Inspectorate Suceava and of the “Stefan cel Mare” University Suceava. The second edition is taking place in April 2010, during the Easter holiday, and is organized by The Knockers, coordinated by Camelia Butnaru (artistic manager) and Laura Salciuc (financial manager), both teachers at “Petru Rares” National College. The organizers work in special departments, each with a head coordinator, also a student, and deal with everything from concept to show as a team.

For this edition there will be theatre workshops coordinated by students at UNATC Bucuresti, as well as a performance of some of these students, of which some graduated from “Petru Rares” National College. The performances will take place at Dom Polski, and the workshops will be held in the classrooms of our college. Accommodation and meals are provided for all the participants, and the best of them will also be awarded prizes in books, T-shirts and diplomas.
Last but not least, we would like to emphasise the idea that MagicFest is the only theatre festival in English with a section for junior groups (5th to 8th graders); we strongly believe this festival is beneficial not only for the participants, but also for the local community, from a cultural and educational point of view.

The Pixies

Next autumn The Pixies will come to the “venerable” age of 5, with an impressive list of activities and results for such a young group. They participated in editions 2-5 of Drama Day, as well as in the first edition of MagicFest 2009, and every time they were awarded the most longed-for prizes. They also participated in different activities on the occasion of St Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and June 1st, performing in shorter or longer plays, many of them personal creations.

The group is coordinated by Camelia Butnaru and admission is based on a selection taking place every autumn with the purpose of spotting new young talents in our school. We also organize casting sessions for the plays to be performed at MagicFest. The main requirements for the members of The Pixies are: being a student at “Petru Rares” National College, good command of English, love for theatre, the willingness to dedicate some of your free time to the activities of the group and the ability to follow the coordinator’s instructions.

As for the rest, you only need a lot of work and dedication, ambition and joyfulness. Which actually are the characteristics of most of our youngest students. So, we’re waiting for you to join us at school and theatre!


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