Starting with the year 2000, more and more students of our high school have  manifested their interest in the Cambridge exams, probably because they felt the need for some official recognition of their knowledge of the English language. If in the beginning they had to take these difficult exams at the British Council, in academic centres such as Bucuresti, Iasi, or Cluj-Napoca, as of 2005 they have had the opportunity to sit the exam in a closed centre in their own school, Petru Rares National College in Suceava.

The examination the most asked about by our students and parents is the one they we call CAE, that is the exam for the advanced level. It consists of 5 papers: speaking, writing, listening, reading and English in use, testing grammar, vocabulary, interactive communicative skills and the ability to write essays and functional texts in English. As four out of the five papers of the exam take place in one and the same day, it is important that the stress should be reduced by the familiar atmosphere of our college. The fact that we are recognized as a closed centre means that we are able to provide examination conditions just like the other Cambridge centres in the world, be they Iasi, Bucharest or London. The exam is always supervised by a representative of the British Council, immediately after the closing of the exam the materials are dispatched to Iasi via DHL, and from there they are sent to Cambridge in Great Britain, to be assessed.

The most crowded session of the CAE exam is the June session. Approximately 80-100 candidates register for this session yearly, and 60-70 of them are Petru Rares students. About 95% of these are successful in the exam. The certificates arrive after three months, but the candidates have access to their results after only two months using a password that the British Council assigns to each of them.

Our college also became a Cambridge pre-testing centre and in this way we can offer our students a wider range of international exams to acknowledge their level of English. Pre-tests are like mock exams, assessed in Cambridge as well, but, unlike the examinations proper, the results arrive in three-four weeks, thus giving the candidates the possibility to organize their preparation function of the result they got in the pre-test.

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